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Our Specialist Lifting and Haulage Fleet

We have six vehicles in our fleet, but are able to carry out much larger contracts using the wealth of experienced contacts we have gained over more than two decades, so size for us is rarely a problem.

DAF 410 – with Palfinger PK78002-SH CRANE

The new addition to the fleet - our heavyweight crane. It has a short wheelbase for tight areas and a fleet of trailers for additional loading and capacity.

  • Short Wheelbase for tight areas
  • Fleet of trailers for additional loading and capacity
Crane specifications
Make Palfinger
Model PK78002-SH
Max Height 24.3 metres
Max Radius 20.4 metres
SWL @ Max Radius 2700kg
Max SWL 15400kg @ 4.4m


VOLVO FMX 500 – rear mounted 53002 SH crane

This truck has been built with the latest health and safety features and every conceivable extra safety handrail for driver protection from falling, slew restriction to 180 degrees either side (for working next to railways or powerlines).  Also the 53002 SH provides some impressive statistics:

  • Lifting capacity: 1580kgs at over 20 metres

Crane specifications
Make Palfinger
Model 53002 SH
Max Height 25 metres
Max Radius 20.8 metres
SWL @ Max Radius 1580 kg
Max SWL 9800 kgs @ 4.4 metres

DAF 410 – with 27002 SH CRANE

This is a versatile truck. The SH model crane is top of the range and offers millimetre precision.

    • 26-44 tonne
    • Lifting capacity: 1060kgs at over 16 metres

Crane specifications
Make Palfinger
Model PK 27002 SH
Max Height 20 metres
Max Radius 16.7 metres
SWL @ Max Radius 1060kg
Max SWL 5300kg @ 4.4m

You will see this truck tramping the length and breadth of the country
on express delivery.

DAF 180 7.5 tonnes – with Palfinger 5001 Front Mounted Crane

This truck is ideal for moving pallets and machinery that require a crane off-load.

  • 2 tonne payload
  • Lifting capacity: 670kgs at 8 metres

Crane specifications
Make Palfinger
Model PK5001
Max Height 9.8 metres
Max Radius 7.1 metres
SWL @ Max Radius 680kg
Max SWL 1340kg @ 3.7m

DAF 510 Artic

  • 44 tonnes

This is a versatile truck which can undertake many types of haulage work.

Curtain Side Trailer

Our new curtain side trailer has a full width Slide-A-Flex roof with 9ft internal height.